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Facts and figures

  • Our systems has been installed on 4 continents in more than 50 countries
  • More than 2000 customer services are using our intelligent ticketing systems around the world
  • More than 18 000 members of staff are serving customers using our systems
  • It is estimated that a ticket is issued every 7th second on our ticket dispensers around the world
  • Similarly a management report is created every 32nd minute in our software
  • Average overall efficiency in a customer service is increased by up to 34% when our systems are used
  • Our systems can contribute to an increase of up to 28% in sales and cross sales


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In the media

Articles and interviews have been frequently published about ONLINET in the last decade. Here are some the magazines, newspapers and web portals where you could read about us.

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learn from the expert

Buying technology is only a half in having an efficient and successful Customer Service. Even if you have a natural born gift in customer management, learning will make you the SUPERSTAR of your market.

Join our 8 weeks FREE foundation course and learn from our collection of edited materials, in which we used the ideas, theories, practical tips and tricks of well-known psychologists, sociologists and business professionals in customer management and service.

To start the course simply type in your name and email address than hit the “Join the Course” button. You will receive in your mailbox the first lesson shortly after this. The first lesson will be a double one, followed every week by a new one, when at the end of the course, week 8, you will receive again a double lesson. Each lesson will cover a single but very useful topic. Lessons are informative and packed with fun and practical applicability in real life. At the end of the course you will receive a DIPLOMA confirming the completion of the course.

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customer portfolio

Financial / Banking

reiffeisen logo

Customer Services as selling points
– The Raiffeisen Bank story

Raiffeisen is one of the leaders on the financial market in the Central and Eastern European region and one of the most important banking institutions in Hungary. In Hungary operates more than 140 branches and has almost 550,000 private, 40,000 small and medium corporate,more than 4,400 large corporate and more than 150 city council clients. With the fast growing the Customer Services efficiency became a more and more important issue. The changes in the global economical climate brought into focus again the importance of increasing the sales and cutting the costs.

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  • Customers in the
    Financial/banking sector
  • Raiffeisen Bank Hungary (member of Raiffeisen Group– Austria)
  • Raiffeisen Bank Russia (member of Raiffeisen Group– Austria)
  • Raiffeisen Bank Croatia (member of Raiffeisen Group– Austria)
  • Raiffeisen Bank Czech Republic (member of Raiffeisen Group– Austria)
  • MKB Bank Hungary (member of Bayern LB Group – Germany)
  • BCR Bank Romania (member of ERSTE Group – Austria)
  • DSK Bank Bulgaria (member of OTP Group – Hungary)
  • Allianz Bank Hungary (member of Allianz Group – Germany)
  • Budapest Bank Hungary (member of GE Money Group – USA)
  • BRD Bank Romania (member of Societe Generale Group – France)
  • FHB Bank Hungary
  • ERSTE Bank Hungary (member of ERSTE Group – Austria)
  • K&H Bank Hungary (member of KBC Group – Belgium)
  • Uniqa Insurance Hungary
  • ING Hungary
  • Generali Insurance Hungary (member of Generali Group – Italy)
  • Bank of Moscow Russia
  • GE Money Bank Russia
  • Absolut Bank Russia
  • Alfa Insurance Russia
  • Cresno Insurance Russia
  • CitiBank Romania
  • Astra Insurance Romania
  • Alex Bank Egypt (member of Banca Intesa Group – Italy)
  • Arab Bank Jordan
  • Ahli Bank Jordan
  • Cairo Amman Bank Jordan
  • Bank Torgovij Kapital Belorussia
  • Trade Capital Bank Belorussia
  • Belarus Bank Belorussia
  • HPB Bank Croatia
  • HYPO Bank Croatia
  • AEGON Insurance Hungary
  • Credit Europe Bank Romania
  • GetIN Bank Poland
  • Ipak Yuli Bank Uzbekistan
  • Banque Societe Generale Jordan (member of Societe Generale Group – France)
  • Societe Generale Bank Lebanon (member of Societe Generale Group – France)
  • NBK Bank Kuwait
  • JYSKE Bank Denmark
  • Fransa Bank Lebanon
  • Credit Bank Lebanon
  • BAI Bank Angola
  • SEB Bank Latvia
  • Unicredit Bank Hungary
  • Customers in the Telecommunication sector
  • Vodafone Hungary
  • Vodafone Romania
  • Orange Romania
  • Orange Republic of Moldova
  • Romtelecom Romania
  • Telenor Hungary
  • Telenor Serbia
  • T-Group Hungary
  • Invitel Hungary
  • Fibernet Hungary
  • Eastphone Hungary
  • CYTA Cyprus


vodafone logo

Invite your customers for a coffee
– The Vodafone story

One of the secrets of VODAFONE’s success is the excellent customer careand service. The retailshops representsanimportant field in theinteraction with the customers. The shortwaiting times and theaccurate service was always a major priority.But VODAFONE has felt that the good can be made better. Among the sales reports it would be important to know, what the customers think about the quality of service. The waiting time spent in a useful way, the exploration of cross-sales opportunities was an important purpose too. Above all these, the leading mobile service supplier had a firm idea, about a plus that none of his competitors offer to its customers

Download the full story


elmu logo

Small Customer Services with high standards
– The ELMU story

The Hungarian Electricity Works of Budapest operates for more than a century. The company started it´s operation in the times of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy and continues it´s main activity since then: supply of electric energy to a great variety of consumers. The actual period of the Electricity Works (shortly ELMU) started in 1995, being characterized by a major foreign strategic investors ownership.

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  • Customers in the
    Energy sector
  • ELMU Hungary (electricity works)
  • ÉMÁSZ Hungary (electricity works)
  • Főgáz Hungary (gas works)
  • DÉGÁZ Hungary (gas works)
  • CEZ Romania (gas & electricity works)
  • CEZ Bulgaria (gas & electricity works)
  • EON Romania (gas & electricity works)
  • GDF Suez Romania (gas & electricity works)
  • GDF Suez Hungary (gas & electricity works)
  • HEP Croatia (electricity works)
  • GPZ Croatia (gas works)
  • RADEEF Morocco (water supply)
  • Apanova Romania (water supply)
  • Customers in the
    Government/public sector
  • Embassies of Romania – 50 countries from USA to Japan
  • Guldborgsund Citizen Services Denmark
  • Citizen Services Greece
  • Tax Offices Russia
  • Pension Offices Russia
  • Burgas Employment Agency Bulgaria
  • Development Board Dubai
  • Suhareka Citizen Service Kosovo
  • National Official Translations Office Hungary
  • Registry offices Hungary
  • Cadastre & Real Estate information Office Romania
  • Tax Office Romania
  • ÖKO Park Hungary
  • Chesterfield Borough Council United Kingdom
  • New Zealand Visa Services United Kingdom
  • Saudi Post Saudi Arabia
  • Embassy of Republic of Hungary – Germany
  • One Stop Shop Government Offices Hungary
  • RRA Rwandan Revenue Authority - Rwanda

Government / Public

guldborgsund logo

Virtual customer service
– The Guldborgsund story

Guldborgsund is Denmark’s eleventh largest municipality, with communities numbering a few more than a thousand inhabitants and with six Citizen Service Centers. The danish citizens service policy says that each citizen should have the right for the highest quality of service in their local environment. But the operation of some of the Citizen Service Centers become unjustified because of the high costs, low number of citizen demands and the disproportioned distribution of workforce. The leaders of the municipality had toface two challenges. How to keep providing a highquality of service locally, while reducing the costs and increasing workforce distribution efficiency.

Download the full story


flag of rwanda

Optimizing patient calling
– The Rwandan Hospitals story

Today in Rwanda is a shortage of staff nationally and some medicines are in short supply or unavailable. 87% of the population have access to healthcare but there are only two doctors and two paramedics per 100,000 people. The government is seeking to improve the situation as part of the Vision 2020 development programme. It has increased the healthcare budget from 4.2% to 12% of national expenditure.

Download the full story
  • Customers in the
    Healthcare sector
  • Dr. Diósszilágyi Sámuel Hospital and Health Centre Hungary
  • Heim Pál Child Hospital Hungary
  • MÁV Hospital Hungary
  • Semmelweis University, Clinic No. 1 Hungary
  • Sopron Medical Foundation Hungary
  • Szeged Urban County Municipality Hospital Hungary
  • Szent Imre Hospital Hungary
  • Szent Lázár, County Hospital Hungary
  • Toldy Ferenc Hospital Hungary
  • Debrecen city, Urban Hospital Hungary
  • Uzsoki Hospital Hungary
  • Kigali General Hospital Rwanda
  • MuhimaGeneral Hospital Rwanda
  • Rwamagana General Hospital Rwanda
  • Pet Veterinary Budapest Hungary
  • Sipo Pharmacy Hungary
  • Hársfa Pharmacy Hungary
  • National Guard Hospital Saudi Arabia
  • Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah United Arab Emirates
  • Victor Babes Foundation Romania
  • Customers in the
    Retail sector
  • LIDL Stores Hungary
  • SPAR Hungary
  • Libri Bookstores Hungary
  • TMZ Supermarkets Zimbabwe


spar logo

How to choose the perfect wine?
– The Spar story

SPAR was founded in the Netherlands in 1932 by Adriaan van Well, as a voluntary chain of grocers under the name "De Spar". His purpose was to secure cooperation between independent wholesalers and retailers as a response to the emergence of grocery chains in Europe. "DESPAR" is the acronym for the Dutch sentence "Door EendrachtigSamenwerkenProfiteren Allen Regelmatig" which translates into "We all benefit from joint cooperation”

Download the full story

distribution network

breaking news


Better to give than to receive

Thanks to our expert team, we have been able to repair 7 used computers that we have no longer use for our daily work.
We went to the nearby Waldorf School in Páty to give the students there a present of 7 pieces of renewed PC-s.
The computers included mice, keyboards, DVD readers and LG displays.
We are pleased to have been able to support the Waldorf School ‘s cultural and everyday life and to help improve children’s learning.


GITEX 2020 Dubai World Trade Center

Every year, influential journalists and media organizations join GITEX Technology Week & GITEX Future Stars simply to tap into the biggest stories on the growing tech industry and startup scene in the Middle East, North Africa & South Asia. We had the opportunity among the largest IT companies (Huawei, Honeywell, Microsoft, Samsung, SAP, HP,) to exhibit and present the latest Hungarian developments. We would like to thank you again to HEPA - Hungarian Export Promotion Agency for helping us with the preparation and organization.


Parking has never been so easy!

With the new ONLINET software you can easily optimize the use of your company's parking places! Provide quickly and fast parking places for your customers and guests.

Our system allows ...
- carefree parking
- reserve a place in office buildings, shopping centers, garages
- independent SW integration
- save time
- customizable appearance

At the end, there is nothing but a satisfied returning customer!


How is the hospital of the future?

The Hungarian Hospital Association XXXI Congress, 10-12 April 2019 held its professional program in Eger. At this exhibition the Hospital of the future topic had a special role. Next to the election of officers and professional presentations, the policy forum played an important role with the presence of the Board of Healthcare. The awards set up by the presidium of healthcare were also given out within the framework of this forum. Among others the Scholtz Kornél Award for the main supporter of the Hungarian Hospital Issues and the Ajkay Zoltán Memorial Award for the best presenter. We are happy to inform you that ONLINET Group Zrt. also participated in the supplement of the Hospital of the future showroom. Partner list:


Find your coworker fast and simple

We present you our new coworker searching system solution to decrease the wasted working hours and increase your performance. As a manager of the company you need to support the worklfow and coordinate properly your employees. Our professional knowledge and IT solution improve your productivity and utilization.

-No more struggeling in findig each other
-Better performance
-Simple integration with other systems
-Customizable platform

Recommended: Multinational Companies, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Clinics, Shopping Centers


CEBIT: A chapter has ended

Deutsche Messe will cancel CEBIT 2019 because of the declining visitor numbers and the continuing reduction in space bookings. The latest CEBIT concept consisted of an exhibition, conference and festival. The announcement argues that the main message of CeBIT, which was held for the first time in 33 years, was the Digitalization, but it has become a central topic to all other trade fairs since then, so the interest in Hannover's exhibit has decreased considerably. At the beginning CeBIT was the most important IT event in the world, where Bill Gates introduced Windows 95 for the first time, and many more companies brought their products premiere also here. As one of the world's foremost organizers of capital goods trade fairs, Deutsche Messe (Hannover, Germany) stages a rich array of events at venues in Germany and around the globe. Deutsche Messe ranks among Germany's top five tradeshow producers. The company's portfolio features such world-class events as CeMAT (intralogistics and supply chain management), Didacta (education), DOMOTEX (carpets and other floor coverings), HANNOVER MESSE (industrial technology), INTERSCHUTZ (fire prevention, disaster relief and safety & security), LABVOLUTION (lab technology) and LIGNA (woodworking, wood processing, forestry). After long years it is hard to say goodbye because ONLINET has participated every year since 2001. Tamás Deutsch and the Hungarian government has taken efforts to help local companies to turn to be special guests on the next event, CEBIT 2019. We are grateful for the tons of experiences and fun and we happily remember back for this outstanding exhibition.


HR Network conference and strategies

ONLINET participated in the HR Network conference organized by Dr. Bodó Training, where the main topics were the co-worker's affiliation and the retention of the staff. During the event we had a chance to discuss with many other managers about their own experiences and practices.
We presented our own example, when the company took part in an anonymous survey that asked only two big questions from the employees:

1. Why do they like to work at ONLINET?
2. What kind of challanges they face lately at ONLINET?

The uniqueness of the survey was that everyone could see the answers with anonymity and could rate all of them individually.
The result became almost tangible and pointed both the positive and the neglected things out.
The leading facts were the very good teamwork, the great working environment, and the flexible and humane management. At the end of the list, it turned out that there is a need for a vending machine supporting a more comfortable office space. Of course it’s provided since then!


European Utility Week 2018

European Utility Week is a 3-day event that was held between 6th November and 8th November in the Messe Wien Exhibition Congress Center in Vienna, Austria. This event is the premier business, innovation and information platform connecting the smart utility community, including 12,000 international visitors, 450 speakers and 600 exhibitors. The event facilitates greater networking and content sharing opportunities across the entire energy spectrum from generation to end use. The programme developed to serve every level of the utility value chain in the form of a strategic and policy forming environment. Our sales development team also had the opportunity to exhibit at the stand of MNKH (Magyar Nemzeti Kereskedőház). We turned back with many great experiences about the future, and feel ourselves fully “recharged with energy”!


Likeable Workplace Award 2018

We are competing again for the award of the Likeable Workplace this year. The goal of the Likeable Workplace Award is to showcase Hungarian small and medium-sized businesses that are good examples of how to create an environment for their colleagues where they enjoy working.
Last year, more than 400 companies registered for the competition and the ONLINET GROUP won the Likeable Workplace Award among the TOP 100 companies by the public voting. Help us to win again!
You can find more information regarding the competition here.
If you like what you see about us, click on the “I would like to work here” button.
Moreover, if you want, you can apply for our open positions too.


ONLINET Middle East Roadshow

Thanks to the organisation of Insomnia and Magyar Nemzeti Kereskedőház, we have the opportunity to show ONLINET’s Hungarian innovations during the Middle East Roadshow Stations. Our collegue, Balázs Zirklewski (International Business Development Manager) arrived to Muscat, Oman at the beginning of this week and he travels towards to Kuwait to present our solutions and meet new potential business partners. As the last station ONLINET is participating in the primmest event of the Middle East -or maybe the whole informatics world-, the Gitex Exhibition in Dubai, where we are going to have an exhibitor role among more than 47.000 exhibitors and 100.000 visitors from 140 countries. During the exhibition between 14th and 18th October, we will present our DC15 and EC20 led products, where Balázs Zirklewski will also participate in collaboration with Noel Moukheiber representing MaliaTec, our biggest Middle Eastern partner.


DOKK URBAN STATION in the "Top 100 Most Interesting Hungarian Innovations"!

We are glad to announce that our smart city solution, the DOKK URBAN STATION developed by ONLINET GROUP Ltd. and PARK SOFT Ltd., is enrolled into the ‘Top 100 Most Interesting Hungarian Innovations” brochure. The collection is promoted and published annually by László Palkovics the Minister of Innovation and Technology.
We are proud of our accomplishments thus far, and planning a lot more new developments in the future, as well. Tibor Marczali, CEO, has previously given an interview regarding the innovative solution. Click here and listen the whole interview!
Besides all the above, the mentioned brochure contains a lot of new and interesting Hungarian success stories related to the innovation area, so it’s worth to read!


MENTA Conference is coming soon!

The ICT Assosiation of Hungary (IVSZ) is organizing the 25th MENTA conference between 13th and 14th September 2018. According to the last year’s interest, the site will be the Spirit Hotel***** Sárvár again. The conference is not only one of the most prestigious events in the industry, but is the meeting point for every market segments of digitalization. The event will be opened by Gábor Major, the secretary general of IVSZ and László György, the State Secretary for Innovation and Technology. We are happy to visit the conference and excitedly wait to see the promising presentations!! You can also meet Tibor Marczali, CEO of Onlinet Group. Don’t hesitate to ask him if you have any questions or topics to discuss! Find out more about the conference on it's website.


Smart cities are not fairy-tale any more!

Thanks to the digitalization Smart cities are not fairy-tale any more. New smart city solutions are real now. It would be quite difficult to decode this concept as a whole, but there are products and services that might actually make our settlements smart. For instance, what would you think of an “advertising kiosk” that may not only have promoting purposes, but you could use it to make phone calls, manage your financial businesses, pay parking fees, or even identify a lost dog? This is not the future; this is happening now. We’re proud to present you an interview with Tibor Marczali (Managing Director of Onlinet Group Zrt.), introducing a new product, the Dokk Urban Station. He explains how this all could have come true, sharing his ideas about design and functionality, talks about actual market realization, implementations that have already took place and explains that there are almost infinite possibilities within the project. If you’re interested in the development or have any questions regarding the topic, please contact us, as we’d be happy to discuss all this with you!


Let’s see what happend at CEBIT 2018!

ONLINET was presented within the framework of Hungarian innovators at CEBIT 2018 in Hannover. The Hungarian booth was isnpired by the motto of „living innovation”. We are proud to our participation on this digital show. The future of the QMS services system - the new smart city solution called DOKK Urban Station - was also available for the visitors to try and get more familiar with it’s innovative functions. Check out some moments of ONLINET at CEBIT 2018 in pictures on our Facebook page!


How to make a family magnet business?

For business owners, the question often arises: how can we make the customers with children to stay and buy? Children become bothered if they must be in a place where they can´t play. As a consequence they could become easily impatient or naughty. The parents in situations like this, will leave the place without purchasing anything. The PLAY children kiosk will engage your customer´s children, while they are comfortably shopping or managing their business.
Increase your efficiency with the PLAY kiosk! Thanks to this kiosk the customer service will be faster and the time spent in the shop or customer services will be more pleasant. Kids won’t be able to say “no” to the colourful and captivating outlook of the device and the exciting and educating games which can engage the attention of them even for a long time. During this time, the parents can browse, shop or manage their business.
Make your business a family magnet place with the PLAY children kiosk. Using the device you can build up the image of a family friendly and children centric company. In this way, many customers with a family will return to you over and over again.
The program starts with a home page where we can choose from 7 different games. All the games are simple but great and probably familiar for everyone.
The PLAY children kiosk is recommended for banks, building societies, shoe and fashion stores, mobile, internet, cable TV suppliers, galleries, museums, travel agencies, tourist information points, beauty shops, hairdressers, malls, supermarkets, store chains and healthcare institutions and many others.


Training day is not a boring day at ONLINET!

Our subsidiary from Bucharest has visited our headquarter with their two new collegues and spent a nice day with us. They took part on a day long training about hardware and software installation and software usage and gathered the latest information and updates about the newest ONLINET modules and solutions. We were happy to spend a nice dinner together and to get know the new collegues as well! Welcome Radu Dumitrescu, Business Development Manager and Cristina Mincov, Office Manager.


Integrated event accreditation and participant management system for sport events

Let us introduce you one of the latest novelties of ONLINET and it’s partners, our unique registration system which satisfies every needs. Three tennis tounaments organized in Hungary have already used the solution.
The base of the system consists of an RFID (Radio-frequency identification) tag with memory and password and a central master database. During the accreditation on site you need only a low power RFID reader device which connects to the database on a computer via cabel, Wi-Fi or mobile internet. Pre-accreditation is also available by sending an invitation secured with password to the invitees, so they can upload their data to the system online.
All the passes with the RFID tags can be personalized with unique identification, and thanks to this all the participants can be followed up electronically with the located checking points which scan the tag and communicate with the central database. The RFID readers work from appr. 6 meters away, therefore it’s even possible to track who arrives to the parking lot by car. The collected data can be extracted for reporting and statistical purposes in a user-friendly manner.
In addition: the participants can use their RFID cards for parking or even in the cantin instead of having printed paper vouchers. The passes at the entrance can recharge and use it for pay at the on-site buffets, restaurants, shops or any other services skipping carrying cash.
The three tennis events where our accreditation and participant management system was used: Hungarian Challenger Open 2017/2018, WTA Hungarian Ladies Open 2017, Gazprom Hungarian Open 2017.


Partner training and factory tour with ONLINET Group

Last week we had the opportunity to welcome the representatives of Zain Group in Hungary. The Kuwait based company is the leader mobile and data services operator in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries with more then 6200 employees and providing a comprehensive range of mobile voice and data services to over 46.6 million active individual and business customers. ONLINET provides standard and premium queue management systems to the company. Our guests, Mr. Nashmi Al-Otibi (Zain Group, Saudi Arabia) and Mr. Rami Baik (Zain Group, Jordan) spent two days in Hungary while they took part in technical and IT trainings and visited our supplier, Melior Laser Kft. During the tour in the factory of Melior Laser, they gathered useful information about laser cutting and sheet metal component manufacturing. (on the picture: Mr. Nashmi Al-Otibi, Mr. Rami Baik, Lendvai László- CEO of Melior Laser Kft.) Despite the cold and wet weather, our guests from Zain Group also had some time to see our beautiful capital city. Looking forward to our further succesful coorporation in the future!


New software for kids in the portfolio of ONLINET Group!

The software portfolio of ONLINET has recently been expanded with a new product, which is a Play Kiosk program called CDSWebPlay.
CDSWebPlay is an application containing games written in Javascript. The software will be installed to the Play Totem optimalized to the FullHD landscape display. The program starts with a home page where we can choose from 7 different games. All the games are simple but great and mostly known by everyone. Where it’s needed, a short description is available.
The games are going to cheer up the time of waiting in the customer areas not only for the kids!


ONLINET Group exhibiting on the 5th Hugarian Marketing Festival!

Find us on the V. Hungarian Marketing Festival at the 31st exhibition stand on 25th January! The all day long programs will be held in the event hall of the Budapest based Lurdy Ház. Meet and discuss with the innovative leaders of the Hungarian SME sector. Providers, manufacturers and advisers are waiting for you to present their products and ideas and to collaborate with you in 2018. Thanks to our appearance on the festival, ONLINET Group's CEO, Tibor Marczali was asked about the future of the queue management systems and solutions by Computerworld. Read the full interview here!


ONLINET Group Zrt. has won the Likeable Workplace Award 2017!

ONLINET Group Zrt. has won the Likeable Workplace Award 2017 among the TOP 100 companies by the public voting. We talked with the ONLINET’S HR colleague, Lokody Gabriella about earning the honourable prize. We were looking for the answers like why it is useful to make our work likeable, and what tools can help us by reaching it? Read our interview here in full, and find out the answers!


Our Queue Management System enables easy and pleasant administration for your partners

What is convenient administration like? ONLINET Group would like to present it. The client goes into a mall's bank account or into a phone store and pulls a virtual serial number through his/her phone, then goes to the café, drinks a hot black coffee while browsing e-mails, reading his or her Facebook page, or reads whatever he or she wants. Before the client’s turn comes, his or her phone will receive a warning message. The expectant pays in the café comfortably, then goes back to the store, straight to the administrator. Does that sound good? Our systems provide this comfort to its partners. Administration without QMS versus Administration with QMS.


Event origanizer application for all kind of enterprises and private use

After 1 year of development, the 2.0 version of the EventsBox mobile application was released. "It was very exciting to work together with colleagues from ASTRON to create a new product, and the team has done a very professional job with really creative attitude. Carried by Ákos Kelemen, a world-class new application was created and emerged on the web. This is proven by the initial successes, since many companies have successfully used the application besides OTP and ERSTE Bank "- said Tibor Marczali, CEO of ONLINET Group Zrt. Another interesting fact is that the application will not only be available for large companies, but also for small and medium-sized companies, also event organizers can buy in packages 6 and 12. Hereby not only large enterprise conferences or events can be implemented with EventsBox, but also smaller business parties, Christmas events and weddings.
Find out more here.


The team of ONLINET Group has won the Likeable Workplace Award 2017!

The goal of the Likeable Workplace Award is to showcase Hungarian small and medium-sized businesses who are a good example of how to create an environment for their colleagues, where they can enjoy work. This year, more than 400 companies registered for the competition, including ONLINET. By voting on the crowd, ONLINET is among the top 100 companies. During the campaign more than twenty-thousend people could see that ONLINET Group is an anthropocentric, professionally strong team, where it is also good to come to work on Monday. Thank you for your confidence and we hope we can work together for a long time!


Black Friday at ONLINET Group!

ONLINET Group has also joined to the Black Friday’s movement, which has been grown into a whole week in the last few years. Our two solutions are offered for 30% discount between 24th and 26th November! The Queue Managment solution EpiQ20 is a ticket dispenser which functions as advertisement space. The menu appears on the touchscreen of the EpiQ20 ticket dispenser, listing the services, can be fitted into the company image. Commercials, announcements, promotions can be also displayed. Or if you would you like to display more information on the ticket dispenser’s touchscreen, but there is not enough space, choose the MultiQ23! The MultiQ23 ticket dispenser can be equipped with card reader, biometric and barcode reader, proximity sensor, camera and speakers.


Upgrade your events to a new level: Eventsbox

Dynamic, safe, interactive, customized and improvable – ONLINET launched its new event origanizer application. The Eventsbox is an event organization related application through which all information can be shared with participants in one place. Many of its advantages are that it provides direct, immediate communication channel between the organizers and the participants. It helps in organizing the event, and also in pre- and postcommunication. Although the Eventsbox is user-friendly, and has easy-to-use design, it is an innovative tool, which enables to organize events effortless.


MICE Business Day Workshop - the event for event organizers

The MICE Business Day Workshop opened its doors today for the third time in the refurbished Pesti Vigadó, where the ONLINET Group is also present with the new new event origanizer application, EventsBox. At the MICE Business Day International Workshop, providers of conferencing, incentive and business travel in Hungary and in the neighboring countries have the opportunity to present and offer their bids directly to B2B conference and congress organizers, event agencies, alliances and corporate travelers, while the events provide unique networking and educational opportunities for the participants.


“Speak your language”: Jammal Trust Bank

For 50 years, Jammal Trust Bank’s (JTB) have invested first and foremost in their clients. As one of Lebanon’s top SME banks, JTB is committed to assisting small and medium businesses that constitute a large segment of the Lebanese economy and population. As their motto says: they hope to “Speak Your Language” and meet all their clients needs, therefor JTB chose to settle ONLINET’s customer service system.


Another success in Lebanon: Saradar Bank Lebanon

A family-owned business which has been at the center of Lebanese banking for over 60 years – this is the Saradar Bank Lebanon. The bank has officially launched in June 2016, and their targeted business lines are the financial, real estate and distribution sectors. They continuously work towards delivering the most efficient services & high quality products to all segments of their financial clients and partners. Because of their professionality and their innovative spirit, they decided to use ONLINET’s customer service system.


The Pakistani Partner of Onlinet Group visited Hungary

The Exuberant Group is a consulting firm in Pakistan, where most of the business leaders go to for enduring results. The company is passionate about always doing the right thing for their customers, their people and their community. They gather skills and innovation from any part of the world to address the real demands of their clients and then blend it into their culture. Cyrus Sikandir Temuni - owner of the well-known Exuberant Group in Pakistan - visited Onlinet Group's headquarter in Budapest, because of the good reputation of the European products in the region. During his visit he expressed how pleased he would be to become our partner in Pakistan.


Onlinet is launching its own branded Digital Signage Displays

In a strategic connection with a British manufacturer, we are launching new displays that are prime, prepared with branded panel, ensured full 3 year warranty and all designed for 24/7 usage. We offer a huge variety of products, so we have solutions to meet every commercial display need.


Coffe SMS – the new compensation solution

Waiting long on customer service is never pleasant, and in such cases the client may become impatient and irritable. If the customer service acknowledges that regrettably someone had to wait long, but as a compensation, they please them – it can increase customer satisfaction. Therefore the CDS 5.3 client management system has a feature that allows a client to receive an SMS message with optional content - after a certain waiting time. For example, this system gives the opportunity to have a gift coffee from the machine in the waiting room, through the received code. This is just one of the several utilization opportunities.


Success in the water business

Sofiyska Voda provides its services within the territory of the capital city of Bulgaria, and provides its services to more than 1,5 million people. Their main task is to maintain, operate and develop the water and sewerage system of Sofia - following the best engineering practices thus caring for the customers. Sofiyska Voda is permanently investing for the benefit of the city, this is the reason why the company chose the ONLINET Customer Service System.


Ticket pulling via SMS - CDS 5.3 is here

The software development team did not rest during the summer, hence the customer calling system was expanded with a new, future-oriented service. Thanks to CDS version 5.3, it is already possible to pull SMS tickets on ticket publishers as well (instead of getting an electronical ticket only via Q-Saver mobile app). In this case, the customer receives the serial number in SMS instead of printing the serial number on the ticket publisher – even if the customers telephone number is given through the ticket publisher, the customer can receive the SMS automatically to that number. They are noticed about the expectants and also when the number of them falls below a certain level. In fact, if a certain amount of waiting time is exceeded, the system can give the customer priority, or can be provided a discount in an extra SMS.


Another success story in the banking sector: Intesa Sanpaolo

Intesa Sanpaolo bank is the leader in Italy in all business areas (retail, corporate and wealth management), and the Group offers its services to 19.3 million customers through a network of 5,386 branches well distributed throughout the country in Italy and abroad, in other 11 countries. Business innovation and service improvement at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania are inspired by their customers. They encourage a style of growth that is attentive to sustainable results and the creation of a process based on trust deriving from customer and shareholder satisfaction. This common goal is the reason why ONLINET’s customer service software has been installed for them, thereby providing efficient and comfortable services to their customers.


Wait less. Do more. – That’s what QSaver offers

Saving valuable time for customers, creating a better first impression, gaining valuable data and analytics, optimizing employee workload and enhancing customer experience. These are the benefits of ONLINET’s new app, QSaver, which allows customers to join a virtual clue, postpone an appointment, select branches online – from everywhere. In addition it can be easily integrated with existing queue management systems; only internet access is needed and the app is already running on smart phones. Those who choose this app with its intuitive interface, have 2 options: they can choose from our basic and plus package, based on their personal needs. You can check more details by clicking here.


Expansion in Georgia

We are broadening our business opportunities in Georgia with one of the renowned local system integrators whose 20-years experience and market presence is the guarantee of our successful growth. The company operates not only in Georgia, but also in neighboring countries, therefore they can be a good partner for expansion in the Caucasian region.


Clients' satisfaction in the centre

"The comfort of our clients is a top priority" - says Cedrus Bank's slogan, and also claims ONLINET. This common goal is the reason why we work together with the Lebanese bank - the bank that has adopted a customer-centric approach placing the interest and comfort of its clients at the core of its business model, like us. That's why we provide them our queue management software nationally - to make their complete range of Commercial and Retail banking services even more useful and comfortable.


Time flies... and so do planes: the history of Iraqi Airways – and their new milestone

Iraqi Airways – the national carrier of Iraq – is the oldest airlines in the Middle East and operates domestic and regional service. The airlines was founded in 1945, when the first planes used were Dragon Rapides, then they were alternated with Vickers Viscounts. Then jet time arrived and they bought different kinds of jets. Nowadays Iraqi Airways has contracts with Schabak and with Nostalgair to produce their airplane models. As it seems, modernization and keeping up with the developing is really important for the airlines – that’s why the newest milestone in their history is that they decided to use a modern ticket dispenser, IQ7, developed by ONLINET. This unique system, besides its affordable price, offers a reliable operation with a wide range of features and statistics.


ONLINET systems across the Lebanese BBAC Bank's branches

Solutions that support a corporate image are important parts of a company's ultimate purpose - such as full supervision of the daily operation while providing high quality customer service. These are only two of the benefits which were leading the Lebanese BBAC Bank to choose EpiqQ19 based queue management solution, developed by ONLINET. The bank that - as its slogan also claims - really cares for their customers, is one of the banks playing a key role on the Lebanese investment and retail banking sector. It has managed in a short period of time to achieve tangible results on different levels and BBAC is now among the top Lebanese banks in the country in terms of business volume and profit. The ONLINET queue management system has been installed across the bank's branches on a nationwide level, providing efficient, comfortable and modern services to its customers.


Novelty: new customer service software version available – CDS 5.0

To keep up with the fast technical development of the world and to satisfy the continuously changing requirements of our clients, we have to rethink and redesign our solutions from time to time. That’s why we spent long months of designing to create our new software package, CDS 5.0, which was born in this year, on 15th June after 12-month programing and 3-month testing. The new version abounds in several technical novelties: just to mention a few, it has Drag and Drop Designer, several alert modules (in e-mail, SMS or on Dashboard surface); it supports cloud based operation and can be centrally configured. As our Head of Sofware Development Department, Balázs Győri said: “With our newest software package, in the area of marketing people are able to edit their communication surfaces much more flexible and efficiently. In addition, the IT operations of the systems also becomes easier.”


Foreign Economic Conference: an oppuritinity for export market expansion

Within the framework of the annual Foreign Economic Conference, it is possible to contact the Hungarian foreign diplomats during 15 minutes long, one-to-one (B2B) meetings. The Conference will be held on June 28-30 at Mercure Hotel Budapest, where the Chief Executive of ONLINET, Tibor Marczali will meet the representatives of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Lithuania and Montenegro. „Every year, this is a great opportunity to expand our export relationships built in the past 16 years and negotiate personally with representatives of areas, which are geographically far from us” – said our expert about the event. You can find the details (in Hungarian) on this site.


National Customer Service Conference: get to know the "secrets" of future CS!

The National Customer Service Conference of Hungary opens its doors again: the three day conference will be held in Hotel Kapitány (Sümeg) from 24th to 26th May. The event collects the representatives of customer service, customer relationship and contact center industry of the country and ensures them a place to share ideas, get to know the trends of these industries and the newest innovations year by year. Due to the importance of this conference, ONLINET will also participate as an exhibitor - join us on the national meeting of Hungarian representatives of customer services next week! You can find the details (in Hungarian) on this site.


Unprecedented interest for ONLINET solutions in Oman

The Middle East is one of the most strategic and prosperous geographical regions in ONLINET's development plan. Our regional distributor MALIATEC has organized in Oman, this month, the largest Digital Solutions event in the company's history. Co-hosted by their local partner Digital Waves It Solutions - DWITS, the event introduced the latest trends in customer services and customer management to prominent business leaders. Representatives of 70 companies, from 4 different market sectors, had the chance not only to familiarize themselves with ONLINET's technology, but also to see and try our solutions in simulated real-life situations.


ONLINET delivers its first panel talk on CeBIT

CeBIT (Hannover, Germany) is the only event in the world to present the digital transformation in its entirety, showcasing real examples and best practice. With 200,000 participants, 450 startups, 200 speakers over 5 days of conference, CeBIT is the landmark of technology shows. 'HUNGARY: Home for Innovation' is the largest exhibition stand ever, in our country's CeBIT history. Among well-established and start-up Hungarian companies, Onlinet Group will present how customer service solutions can transform the face of a modern business. During the panel talk, entitled 'How to stop customers from walking away?' we will share the secrets of successful customer management, learned over 15 years, working with companies on 4 continents. The event is supported by the Hungarian National Trading House and IVSZ, the ICT Organization of Hungary. CeBIT is open between 20-24 March 2017. For more details visit


Make your shop a family magnet

Children will experience boredom if they must be in a place where they can´t play. As a consequence, they could become easily impatient or naughty. The parents in situations like this, will leave the place without purchasing anything. The PLAY children kiosk with its colorful, captivating design and games can engage the children even for a long time. During this time, the parents can browse, shop or manage their business. Shops or customer service offices of any kind will benefit by using the PLAY kiosk, experiencing increased efficiency, sales rate and customer loyalty.


Improving shopping experience in Saudi Arabia

Zain is a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries with a workforce of over 7,000 providing a comprehensive range of mobile voice and data services to over 45.2 million active individual and business customers. ONLINET Group delivered queue management solutions to more than 110 shops in Saudi Arabia during 2016. Recently the contract has been expanded to improve service and shoppers experience, in additional 65 shops over the course of next year.


Taking Onlinet solutions to Indonesia's Big Apple

Indonesia is made up of 17500 volcanic islands, 6000 of which are inhabited by nearly 250 million people, speaking over 700 languages. The country famous for its Jawa coffee, the Komodo dragon and one of the worst traffic jams in the world in its capital city, Jakarta, offered an ideal ground for a growing European IT company. During the official visit in Jakarta, ONLINET Group had the chance to meet with a number of companies interested in becoming resellers of queue management and digital signage systems developed in Hungary. ONLINET Group was also one of the companies invited to the Indonesian-Hungarian Business Forum, showcasing some of the solutions, expected to bring customer service in the South Asian country to a more efficient level.


How can customer service be improved?

If you face the challenge of long queues and waiting times, limited sales and cross-sales efficiency or questionable customer loyalty…
If you want to take advantage of shorter real and perceived waiting times, better resource optimization, more channels to reach customers, higher customer loyalty…
Then please let us introduce you our acting solutions live at IMWORLD 2016 stand D10 from now till 6th of October in Bucharest, Romania.


Innovation takes ONLINET over the Atlantic

Whenever Brazil was a topic in a conversation this year, the Olympics were the main theme. While the games are over, Brazil is again in the spotlight with one of the continent's most prestigious ICT exhibition, FUTURECOM 2016. With nearly 300 exhibitors and 14,000 visitors last year, FUTURECOM gathers the visionary innovators in the ICT sector from all around the world. ONLINET will exhibit and showcase it's customer services solutions, with a special focus on our new smartphone apps and business intelligence software.


ENGIE Romania raises customer support standards

Endless queues and a lack of waiting times of customers are some of the main problems faced by the largest companies. Because we are in a constant evolution, they seek the best and most efficient solutions for their clients. An example of this is the big supplier of natural gas ENGIE Romania which began in 2013 to upgrade its customer relations centers, choosing the solutions offered by ONLINET.
They looked for simple solutions, efficient, saving both time and space but also responding to the needs of its customers.
The IQ7 solution have been implemented in 8 customer centers throughout the country and therefore became a better working environment for employees and the customer waiting time has decreased considerably.


Information in a touch

Sharing information and documents with clients is an essential part of every business, this is especially true in a bank. Announcements, rates of interests, exchange rates change daily or sometimes more often. The paper-based delivery of these important messages complicated, expensive and strain on the environment. Merging ten saving cooperatives in 2015, B3 TAKARÉK has the largest branch network in Hungary. They looked for a simple, cost-effective, space saving, but comprehensive solution for document sharing. ONLINET WebTouch 10 met the requirements, moreover is able to display media contents, campaigns and promotions.


Exclusive focus on customer loyalty

Hungarian market leader bookseller, LIBRI has great emphasis on their customers’ loyalty. ONLINET designed and manufactured an exclusive self-service kiosk especially fits the interior of LIBRI shops. Built-in barcode reader is able to identify the members of customer loyalty program, making instant communication and promotions possible.
Using the kiosk, the staff can spend their valuable time with buyers, while the kiosk serves the visitors with general interest. The kiosk allows guests to read about that interest them most.


Low-cost consumer loans, highest standards in customer experience

COFIDIS is a leading personal credit company in the Hungarian market as a subsidiary of the French Credit Mutuel, one of the most influential banking institutions of Europe. Its personal loans are offered to customers to fulfill even the most specific wishes within the shortest period of time at the highest level of quality. In order to best serve their clients, they design simple, customer-centric and smart services. Features of EpiQ19 ticket dispenser meet these principles, so the newly opened personal customer service has been equipped with ONLINET Queue Management System improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Fashion trendsetter in customer services

Milano is a fabric covered information and ticketing kiosk. As an addition the structure is covered with fabric offering a series of benefits such as variety of colours and design, lightweight, economic to name a few. Fabric allows sound & light to pass through the material, making it possible to install speakers or ticketing displays behind it. While fabric is a considerably cheaper material, it also reflects a premium category impression.
Fabric is not yet used in the kiosk and queue management market while its benefits are obvious.
It offers a great range of variety, making it easy to adapt into any interior design. Design can vary depending on client and atmosphere: banks, hotels, museums, shopping malls or office buildings.


Light It Up Blue

On the evening of April 2 in honor of World Autism Awareness Day iconic buildings across the world turn their lights blue to promote autism awareness. By joining the global Light It Up Blue campaign the rotating clock in the heart of Budapest also got decorative blue lights to mark the occasion. The ONLINET Group is proud to support the digital signage solution that made this possible.


Five star service in Mobistar shops

Founded in 1996 as a joint venture between Telinfo and France Télécom (today Orange Group), Mobistar is Belgium’s second largest mobile operator. The company that once introduced for the very first time GPRS services in Belgium, today offers beside mobile, landline telephony, ADSL internet and Satelite TV services across the country. „Mobistar is focusing on its core business, connectivity, and strives for the best possible customer experience.” – explains Jean Marc Harion CEO. Onlinet supplied recently a cost-effective and innovative way to handle customer services and queue management in Mobistar shops.


15 facts you didn't know about the 15-year-old ONLINET GROUP

1. Onlinet Group’s headquarter is located in Budapest, Hungary. The most further queue management system has been installed 9040 km (5617 miles) away from our office. 2. Onlinet Group’s oldest and still operational queue management system is installed in Budapest and is 12 years old. 3. Currently 66,5% of the company’s employees are working for Onlinet Group for more than 5 years, while 37,5% are working for more than 10 years. 4. The total weight of the ticket dispensers sold in the past 15 years would make up approx. 3 large passenger carrier aircrafts such as the Boeing 737. 5. The customers using Onlinet queue management systems around the world are speaking approx. 94 languages. 6. The length of the paper rolls used so far by the Onlinet ticket dispensers could go the distance around the globe approx. 3.5 times 7. The branch office using Onlinet queue management system, serving the highest number of customers in a day is located in Moscow, Russia. 8. The Onlinet company logo has been changed 5 times during the past 15 years. 9. The printed source code of the CDS3 sofware could fill the book War and Peace 90 times. 10. Onlinet queue management system operates in every 12 km in Hungary. 11. The smallest spare part of Onlinet ticket dispenser is 1,6 mm. 12. The Onlinet headquarter moved 5 times in the past 15 years. 13. In Hungary new Onlinet system has been installed in every ten days since 2001. 14. 1.680.000 leds have been used for counter displays sold in the past 15 years. These could illuminate the New York 5th Avenue 3 times. 15. The height of sold ticket dispensers could go the distance of the world’s most famous highway, the Route 66.


Bank of the Year in Bulgaria improves with Onlinet

DSK Bank was established in 1951 as a state savings institution, being transformed in 1998 into a commercial bank. In October of 2003 after a successful privatization OTP Bank of Hungary became the sole owner of DSK Bank, , making the transit from a state-owned into an exceptionally operating and efficient private bank. Not only did DSK Bank establish itself as a preferred partner in banking but different surveys over the years have shown that the Bank remains the leader in trust, as well and the most recognized bank in Bulgaria. Servicing over three million customers, DSK Bank practically reaches every Bulgarian family. Co-operation with Onlinet started nearly a decade ago and today more than 70 branches are using a modern queue management solution, this number increasing year after year. Innovation never stopped, as after customer identification, VIP customer features, customer feed-back, the bank will introduce a brand new online appointment booking facility widening the comfort zone of its clients.


Customer Service without 'traffic jam'

The Hungarian National MotorwayToll Payment Services has recently installed at their customer service offices across the country, queue management system provided by Onlinet Group. These offices offer services such as the complete processing of e-vignette requests, HU-GO (a distance dependent electronic toll system for vehicles larger than 3.5 tonnes in weight) current account credit deposits, purchase of route tickets and various foreign vignettes for international travel. The queue management system offers to customers a shorter waiting and a more comfortable service.


No more queuing for the daily bread

Denmark is world-famous for its rye bread, cakes and not ultimately for its pastries. Citizens of a small town in the North-West part of the country, called Hinnerup, can enjoy daily the best a Danish Bakery can offer. Bagergarden is more than just a bakery, it is a meeting place for locals, serving beside freshly baked bread, cakes and pastries, also sandwiches, coffe and soft drinks. The bakery is so popular that it serves on an average Sunday at least 1200 customers. The staff has a new supporter, the Onlinet iQ7 queue management system, able to control the flow of customers, reduce the waiting time and offering a more pleasant waiting experience.


Onlinet controls the time in Budapest

One of Budapest’s most popular meeting points is the Western Square. Located only five minutes from the Danube River, this is the home of the Western Railway Station, built by the Gustav Eiffel Company, opened in 1877. This is the place where Hungary’s very first McDonald’s has been opened after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Surrounded by luxury shopping malls and architectural masterpieces, stands the iconic rotating clock since the eighties, showing passers-by the exact time, temperature and current name days. The digital signage solution provided by Onlinet, from now on is able to display not only text messages, but also comprehensive media content.


'Customer satisfaction comes first' says Lebanese bank

AL-MAWARID Bank was established in 1980 in Lebanon and has experienced a steady growth ever since. This impressive performance can be attributed to a very simple philosophy: customer satisfaction comes first. The bank's chosen solution for improving their customer services was the Onlinet queue management system. The solution provided covered all the bank branches with a comprehensive queuing solution, including a central management and reporting tool.


Faster, better services in the Croatian Healthcare

Since Croatia joined the European Union in 2013, the main goal of the Healthcare System was to become a quality service, available to everyone, according to the principles of comprehensiveness, accessibility and solidarity. The Croatian Health Insurance Fund (HZZO) decided to upgrade their customer services providing high standard, automated services to the public. Onlinet Group has developed a special equipment for this purpose which incorporates the benefits of a queue management system and an information and self-service kiosk. The system will provide multiple functionlities, such as client identification by health insurance card, new card printing, document printing in A4 format and full featured queue management.


Onlinet reaches the shores of the Aral Sea

Founded in 1990, Bank Ipak Yuli is one of the prominent banks in Uzbekistan. Bank Ipak Yuli constantly strives for the continuous growth of its business by expanding its customer base, the regional presence of the bank, increasing the amount and types of services to meet the needs of each client. Continuing a co-operation started in 2013, Onlinet has supplied new queue management and digital signage systems to improve customer service in even more branches across the country.


Onlinet is Samsung's partner on the Financial market

Samsung, an innovator of the technology of tomorrow has chosen Onlinet as its partner, to provide smart solutions for the Financial sector. The Samsung Hungary Tech Days unpacks a specific sector, from Education to Healthcare and from Public to Retail, showcasing technology that will shape the future of each market. Samsung's choice for the Financial sector was Onlinet, on the exhibition organized on 3rd June, in the prestigious venue of Várkert Bazár, in Budapest. The solutions presented to the invited guests and visitors included queue management, business intelligence software and customer feedback applications.


Car service revolution in Slovenia

Taking our car to a service station can be sometimes a real nightmare. But not in Slovenia. Štajerski Avtodom provides regular vehicle roadworthiness and technical safety checks for their clients. LPP is the largest service station chain in Ljubljana, capital city of Slovenia, offering quality vehicle repair and maintenance services. Both companies decided to install Onlinet Queue Management system with digital signage and customer feedback in some of the locations. There was a saying in these service stations: the slowest queue is always the one you just joined. From now on, all clients will experience fairness and comfort in waiting and a faster and more efficient service.


Onlinet exhibiting at TIBCO Romania

International Trade Fair for Consumer Goods – TIBCO will take place between 28th-31st May 2015, within the Central Pavilion and outdoor platforms at Romexpo, Bucharest, Romania. At this 32nd edition, TIBCO carries on the tradition of a successful event that, beginning with 1974, has gathered under Romexpo Central Pavilion thousands of visitors looking for novelties, offered by producers, importers and distributors, from Romania and abroad. Onlinet Group will showcase its latest developments in hardware and software, including queue management, information kiosk, digital signage and customer feedback. For further details please contact Mr. Radu Dumitriu,


Austrian banking giant teams up with Onlinet

Erste Bank Hungary services customers through 129 branches and 420 ATMs. In terms of number of its customers, branches, and ATMs, Erste Bank Hungary is among the TOP3 major players in the Hungarian banking market. Erste Bank Hungary has been a member of Erste Group since 1997, which was founded in 1819 as the first Austrian savings bank. Since then, Erste Group has developed into one of the largest financial services providers in the Eastern part of European Union, servicing 16.5 million clients in a network comprising nearly 2,900 branches in 7 countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia) with nearly 46,000 employees. Onlinet Group installed recently complete Queue Management and Digital Signage systems in 36 branches across Hungary. This will be followed by a full refurbishment of the existing systems in the remaining branches.


Onlinet kiosks in the Government One-Stop Shops

A Structural Reform Programme was introduced in Hungary in 2010 which established Government Offices in the capital city of Budapest and the19 counties. In 2011, integrated service contact centres or one-stop shops, called 'Government Windows' started to operate as front offices of the Government Offices. They dealt with 30 different types of public administrative procedures, and their task portfolio is constantly broadening. The task portfolio of 'Government Windows' is embracing the whole public sector: immigration, industry, agriculture, employment and welfare benefits, environment protection, customer protection, national-register tasks etc. The new offices has been equipped with the Onlinet Webtouch kiosk, allowing the public to have access to information even faster.


Lebanese hospital innovates patient services

University Medical Center – Rizk Hospital (UMC-RH) was first established in 1925 as a private family-owned clinic. The hospital's vision was to contribute to the medical development of Lebanon by founding a modern private medical center equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities and employing innovative surgical techniques. Since 2009 serves also as the primary teaching hospital for Lebanese American University's schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy. Innovation continues also in patient services as Onlinet Group recently supplied the hospital with a state-of-the-art queue management system.


CABS Bank breaks with conventions

CABS, member of the Old Mutual Group is an established brand name in the financial retail market in Zimbabwe. Old Mutual Group provides investment, savings, life assurance, asset management, banking and property & casualty insurance in Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia. The group has over 16 million customers and approximately 57 000 employees. Founded in 1845, the group expanded from its origins in South Africa, being listed on the London and Johannesburg stock exchanges, since 1999. CABS decided to break with old conventions and to take a bold step into the world of digital signage. Onlinet provided the bank with a comprehensive solution able to display in their branches not only advertising, but also exchange rates managed and controlled centrally.


Telecom company starts a new era in Cyprus

Cyta is considered to be the leading provider of integrated electronic
communications services in Cyprus. Making the best of the island's
geographicallocation, Cyta has developed an extensive submarine fibre optic cable network linking Cyprus with neighboring countries such as Greece, Israel, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt and, by xtension, with the rest of the world. The fifty years since the establishment of Cyta have been a journey into the future. Today, Cyta is the proud provider of mobile and fixed telephony, Internet and interactive television. Progress towards a more efficient customer service stepped to a new level in 2012 with the installation of the first Onlinet queue management and digital signage system. ln 2015 all Cyta shops are expected to be equipped with a similar system, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Customer service: Drama or Science Fiction?

UPC is the largest cable television operator and Liberty Global Europe's telecommunications operator in Hungary. UPC Hungary provides digital and analog cable video, broadband internet, and traditional circuit-switched and digital telephony (VoIP) services to nearly 2 million service subscribers. UPC Hungary is operating in 22 major Hungarian cities and towns and in their surrounding areas, including Budapest, the capital city. UPC teamed up with Onlinet Group to provide professional customer services in their nationwide network of centres. Solution implemented includes Queue Management System, local and central executive reporting system and digital signage. Drama and Science Fiction will stay on the television screens, while customers will receive a five star service.


Bookseller of the Year improves digital signage with Onlinet

Established in 1991, Libri was founded as the successor of the Hungarian State Bookseller Company. By modernization and constant expansion of the inherited store network and organizational structure, Libri has become one of the largest bookseller companies in Hungary, with 34 stores and the online bookstore. Numerous recognitions in recent years have proved the leading position on the market. Awards include “Bookseller of the Year", the Hermes Award from the Ministry of National Cultural Heritage, the “Superbrands" and “MagyarBrands" Awards granted by the jury consisting of independent marketing and advertising professionals. During the last quarter of the year a contract has been signed between Libri and Onlinet to improve the digital signage system of the bookstores.


Bringing the latest banking technology to Moscow

The 1st International Forum “Banking Automation 2014: All Products and Solutions” held by the Association of Russian Banks in Moscow on 15-16th October, had 3 important objectives: · make up-to-date automation solutions available for banks, to improve business efficiency and customer service, to set up discussion board on new trends in business optimization, to give an opportunity to showcase national or foreign achievements in automation. ONLINET Group during the show presented its latest hardware and software developments in queue management, executive reporting and smartphone applications.


State-of-the-art banking services in the heart of Africa

Founded in 1996, BAI Angola is today a dynamic bank using the most up-to-date technology, giving special attention to a more efficient and personalized market approach. With 89 branches in Angola, BAI is also present in Portugal by BAI Europa, in Cape Verde by BAI Cabo Verde, S. Tomé e Príncipe, Brazil through partnerships that ensure BAI businesses and in South Africa by a Representative Office.
ONLINET become the official supplier of queue management system at the beginning of the year planning to supply its core products throughout the year in all the branches. The Dashboard system will offer a visual monitoring and reporting system on a national scale.


Shopping more – queuing less

Waiting in long queues at the cashier can turn upside-down even the best retail shopping experience. ONLINET has helped TM SUPERMARKETS in Zimbabwe to improve customer experience and satisfaction while waiting at the cashier. TM Supermarkets is part of the retail arm of Meikles Limited. It is one of the leading Food and Grocery retail brand in Zimbabwe according to independent market research. Since its inception in March 1978, TM Supermarket has grown and currently comprises a branch network of 52 stores country wide. The store formats range from convenient small supermarkets to Hypermarkets, with Borrowdale’ and Hyper in Harare and Bulawayo respectively, being the biggest branches.


Forward-thinking banking in Lebanon

Fransabank Group banking and finance legacy dates back to more than nine decades of excellence supported by its very responsible role in the multi-dimensional development of the economies and communities it serves. The Group has succeeded in establishing, developing and consolidating a competitive edge that earned it a leading position amongst the Lebanese banking community and the countries into which it expanded. Today, Fransabank Group has a consolidated presence in ten countries: Lebanon, France, Algeria, Syria, Sudan, Belarus, Cyprus, Iraq, Libya, UAE (Abu Dhabi) and soon in Africa. The Group also ranks first in terms of local branch network with 116 branches strategically spread all over the country, providing the Lebanese community with all types of banking products and services to satisfy their personal and professional banking wants and needs.

ONLINET supplies its core banking portfolio with queue management system at the heart. Integrated into digital signage system the branches provides a high level of customer services increasing also marketing and sales efficiency.


Increasing efficiency in Poland’s second largest bank

Getin Noble Bank is the second biggest bank controlled by Polish capital. The bank is targeting its services at individual clients, small and medium-sized enterprises, local governments and corporations. Retail banking services are represented by the Getin Bank brand that caters for individual clients who expect reliable financial products and simplified procedures. Whereas the Noble Bank brand covers private banking. The bank prides itself on providing services to over 2.2 million clients in over 550 own branches and franchise units, as well as through an extensive network of agencies. ONLINET supplies to Getin Noble Bank on a regular basis queue management system integrated into digital signage solution since 2012.


Customer service steps into a new dimension

Founded in 1981 in Lebanon, Credit bank has a reputation and experience of over 30 years, becoming one of Lebanon’s leading banks. Incorporated in a time of political turmoil, the founders strongly believed that their country will once become a banking hub again. The bank’s commitment for growth resulted in successful acquisitions in Lebanon, Armenia and Russia.

Devoted to remain a leading financial institution, the bank decided to improve its branches and customer services with ONLINET queue management. One of the most revolutionary elements of the improvements was the Dashboard software, that offers a map based visual information and reporting toolkit for the management. The other was the iBooking smartphone application, which allows the bank’s customer to search for the nearest branch, to book an appointment and also to leave a feedback about their experience.


Showcasing banking technology on ABTEC 2014

In its 10th successful year, ABTEC exhibition and conference in Bahrain, convenes the entire banking technology community from across the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region to meet, network and do business. Featuring an industry-leading conference, a tightly focused trade exhibition and much more, ABTEC is the definitive forum for banking leaders to share insights, address pressing challenges and explore the latest technology innovations. ONLINET Group present with an exhibition stand was showcasing its latest developments in banking customer service technology, including the new Dashboard software, used as a powerful management information tool and the iBooking, a smartphone app, meant to bring a revolution in queue management.


Clinical standards starts with high quality patient service

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai has been designed and developed to provide premium medical care and comfort with modern equipment and a team of professional doctors. Al Zahra Private Hospital Dubai is commissioned to operate in compliance with Global Accreditation and International Standards. The hospital has a capacity of 187 beds with state-of-the-art facilities.
The queue and patient management system provided recently by ONLINET serves to improve patient services from the very first step after entering the hospital. As the hospital’s focus is on providing personalized service, the queue management is meant to create an environment where this goal can be completely fulfilled.


Why good service should be complicated?

JYSKE Bank is the third-largest bank in the Danish market and the second-largest bank with Danish owners. Founded in 1967 the bank currently has 108 branches, nearly 4500 employees and more than 200 000 shareholders. In Jyske Bank’s vision it is very important to treat the three most important groups of stakeholders – shareholders, clients and employees – with equal respect. If the balance shifts in favour of one or two of the groups, it will be to the detriment of all the groups in the long term. Respect towards clients, means respecting their most valuable asset: time. To achieve this goal the bank decided to install one of ONLINET’s newest developments the iQ queue management system. A simple, stylish but very efficient partner, in having more satisfied customers.


Tradition and innovation in the Middle East

Based on 2012 data Société Générale Group is France's third largest bank by total assets and the no. 8 bank in Europe. Société Générale has been ranked as one of the world's most admired companies to work in. As one of the oldest banks in France, founded in 1864, the company is split into three main divisions, Retail Banking and Specialized Financial Services, Corporate and Investment Banking and Global Investment Management and Services.
SGBL, the Lebanese subsidiary of the group has recorded a successful expansion not only in Lebanon, but has acquired majority stake in the two other subsidiaries, located in Jordan and Cyprus. After several years of co-operation in other subsidiaries in Europe and the Middle East, ONLINET become SGBL’s preferred brand for queue management systems.


Esélyegyenlőség az ügyfélszolgálatokon

„Az ONLINET mindig is büszke volt arra, hogy rendszerei és megoldásai megkönnyítik és kényelmesebbé teszik az ügyintézést az ügyfélszolgálatokon. A most elkezdett fejlesztéssel, egy sokszor háttérbe szorított társadalmi csoport, a fogyatékkal élők élethelyzetén szeretnénk, a magunk szerény módján javítani. Célunk, hogy a fogyatékkal élők ne szenvedjenek hátrányos megkülönböztetésben az ügyfélszolgálatokon sem.” – nyilatkozta Marczali Tibor, az ONLINET egyik alapító tulajdonosa, a fogyatékkal élők igényeit kielégítő ügyfélhívó rendszer fejlesztésének megkezdése kapcsán. A pályázat részletei Projekt neve: A fogyatékkal élők igényeit kielégítő ügyfélirányító és tájékoztató rendszer fejlesztése Projekt leírása: Az Onlinet Kft. projektje, a Közép-Magyarországi Operatív Program, Vállalati innováció támogatása pályázat keretén belül, a KMOP-1.1.4-09-2010-0080 számú pályázati forrás felhasználásával az Európai Únió támogatásával, az Európai Regionális Fejlesztési Alap társfinanszírozásával valósul meg. A pályázati projekt célja egy olyan ügyfélhívó rendszer kifejlesztése, amely lehetőséget ad arra, hogy a fogyatékkal élők számára is hasonló körülményeket biztosítson, mint bármilyen más ügyfelek számára a bankfiókokban és az ügyfélszolgálatokon. Kedvezményezett neve és elérhetősége: Onlinet Kft. 1112 Budapest, Budaörsi út 161. Irányító Hatóság neve és elérhetősége: Nemzeti Fejlesztési Ügynökség, 1077 Budapest, Wesselényi u. 20-22. tel.: 06 40 638 638 Közreműködő szervezet neve és elérhetősége: MAG – Magyar Gazdaságfejlesztési Központ Zrt. 1539 Budapest Pf.684, Tel.: 06 40 200 617



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