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Features and benefits

A whole country on a screen
The greatest benefit of Dashboard is that offers the user a graphic platform that makes the overview of the company’s activity in the whole country easier than ever. The map of the country is displayed on the main screen divided by regions or counties. All offices or branches are marked by circles offering visual feedback on the number of customers waiting, the reach of preset targets or any other important indicator. Simply clicking on a region or branch will reveal further details, but only those which are important for you.

Faster than ever
The graphic visualization allows the user to overview a country wide or region based situation in an instant. Alerts are also displayed immediately if preset values have been overpassed. Taking important decisions based on up-to-date, reliable and immediately available data should be only a matter of minutes.

Tailored for your needs
Average waiting times are more important for you than service times? Performance of your staff has to be an indicator always on top of your list? Are you in a campaign and want to know how the market responds to it? The Dashboard can be tailored to your needs not only in terms of geographical, language or business specifications but also highlighting those indicators which are the most important for you.

Main characteristics
Add-on module for CDS Mainframe software application
Web-based application, accessible virtually from anywhere
Indicators and data refreshed even every 30 seconds
Tailored to custom requirements
Multiple language selection
Tailored design with company logo, colours and services
Custom country map with predefined regions or counties
Custom position of branches on the country and region maps
Tailored indicators on the bottom of the main screen for the most important characteristics
Immediate visual feedback on maps about individual branch status
More details displayed by simply clicking on a certain point on the map

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