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Features and benefits

iBooking allows the user to find the nearest branch or office using the smartphone’s GPS. The result will be displayed on a map, showing the fastest route to the nearest location. The app will provide information about the branch such as opening hours, exact address, phone number or email address. Calling the branch or sending an email will be only a click away.

After selecting a specific branch and choosing a service from the list of services provided, the user will be able to book an appointment for a specific date and time. A calendar will show the available dates and times. The chosen date and time can be saved as a reminder in the phone’s own calendar, the branch selected can be saved as a favourite and the confirmation number of the booking will be also stored. At the arrival to the branch, the user will simply type in his booking code on the ticket dispenser terminal’s screen to be called for his booked appointment.

iBooking allows the user to leave a feedback about his experience at the branch. Besides customizing the full design of the app to meet the company’s standards, the feedback you request from your customers can be also customized. Besides asking questions about satisfaction, customers can be also surveyed on new products or services.

Main characteristics
Buy or rent options available
Available for iOS, Android and WindowsPhone
Custom design including company logo, colours, branch locations and service lists
Easy to install and use
Easily expandable to include new locations and branches
Booking recorded in the Onlinet CDS Mainframe software
Bookings and feedback become essential parts of the statistics and management reports

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