3-in-1 Feedback

Features and benefits

Instant feedback
A follow-up survey, even if it was done over the phone, in written or online has many traps. From one side, only a small percentage of the customers will answer, it covers only a specific period and also could cost a lot. The 3-IN-1 FEEDBACK makes it possible for every customer to give feedback at the end of the service or purchase, but before leaving.

Greatness in simplicity
Complicated surveys that request a lot of information will sometimes keep customers away from answering. The 3-IN-1 FEEDBACK as default offers the choice of selecting one of the 3 main icons, smiling, indifferent and sad face. The application can be customized upon request.

More accurate statistics
The customer answers collected by 3-IN-1 FEEDBACK becomes vital parts of the ONLINET queue management system statistics.

Marketing near at hand
3-IN-1 FEEDBACK makes possible for your clients to watch commercials or other marketing materials during the time of service. The delivery of important messages to your audience will be done more efficiently.

Main characteristics
special, multi-layered, tough and glossy material with desktop support
10” WXGA TFT touchscreen
Secured Android or Windows
Wi-Fi or Ethernet (optional)

Additional peripherials

Features and benefits

Card Reader
The reason of installing a card reader in ticket dispenser terminal or kiosk is the customer identification. The customer identification at the queuing terminal/kiosk results in a faster service and offers the possibility of customized services for clients. In case of a financial institution this can be a bank card based identification, offering the option of creation of special services for VIP/valued customers. In case of a retail shop this can be a bonus/loyalty card based identification. The number of applications are almost endless.

Power supply
The power supply is used for counter calling terminals, LED counter and central displays. One power supply is recommended to be used for each central display and every 5(five) counters/desks/cashiers.

Signal distributor
The signal distributor is a network switch that controls the communication between the queuing terminal and counter calling terminals, LED counter and central displays.

Installed into the queuing terminal or above the false ceiling, the speakers will play a signal every time a new customer is called and a ticket number is displayed on screens. If the CDS Voice software module is used, the customers will be called using a multiple language voice calling feature.

Traditional and vandal proof keyboard
If the use of the ticket dispenser or information kiosk requires data entry it is possible to install the original QWERTY keyboard besides or instead of virtual keyboard. In case the terminal might be exposed to vandalism we suggest the application of vandal proof version.

Uninterruptible power supply
The uninterruptible power supply installed into the queuing terminal has two major duties. Firstly will protect the terminal from any potential damage caused by distorsion in the electrical network (e.g. Voltage spikes caused by lightning). Secondly, during short blackouts will supply energy to keep the terminal running and during long blackouts will allow time for data to be saved and the system to be shut down securely.

GSM gateway
The GSM gateway will allow the SMS/Text booking and alert software applications to run. In order to operate the device, a SIM card and a mobile account, at one of the preferred operators will be needed. The SIM card will be procured and the related fees will be supported by the end-user.

Barcode scanner
Using the barcode scanner, documents, ID’s or cards containing barcodes could be read and their owner identified. The application area is very wide, from the banking and retail, through healthcare, to the governmental sector.

Passport and ID scanner
Using the passport and ID scanner the identification of the clients can be done before taking a ticket, shortening the waiting time and making the service faster. It is an ideal solution for embassies, local authorities, governmental institutions or at any customer services where such an identification method is used.

Web camera
The web camera creates the possibility of communication between the customer and staff when used as part of the Virtual Staff solution. The web camera will be useful also in kiosk applications where video recording or picture taking is required, like creation of entry badges or client cards.

Paper roll
The Onlinet paper rolls by their ideal composition will guarantee a smooth running and a long lifetime of the ticket dispenser. Using the not appropriate type of paper could cause faults of the ticket printer, will require more regular cleaning and maintenance, shortening the lifetime of the device. The back of the paper rolls can be customized with logos, graphics and text.

The microphone creates the possibility of communication between the customer and staff when used as part of the Virtual Staff solution. The microphone will be useful also in kiosk applications where voice recording is required, like recording of client feedback or complaints.

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