Additional solutions

CDS Meeting

The purpose of the “Meeting Room Occupancy Display” application is to offer an elegant and innovative way of managing and informing the staff and visitors of a company about the status and planned meetings in the company’s meeting rooms. The application uses the data inserted by users in the MS Outlook Calendar with connection to an Exchange Server. The information is displayed on an LCD or Plasma screen installed near the entrance of each meeting room. The application can handle virtually unlimited number of meeting rooms.

Features and benefits

Main characteristics
Time interval displayed (today or a longer period)
Data refreshing frequency
Meeting room name customization
Creation of meeting room groups
Creation of meeting room priorities

Virtual assistant

Coming from its name, virtual assistants replace administrators taken from life in customer services or at certain counters. One of the reasons for this is that there are insufficient number of experts who could provide special services. So these services can only be accessed where the experts are physically present. By virtual assistants, you can overcome these difficulties, as any service can be provided without the need for physical contact.

Features and benefits

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