CDS Software and CDS Mainframe

Features and benefits

Reducing waiting times
None of us likes to wait. Your customers are not different. The CDS Software customer service software monitors continuously the current waiting times, as average, by service or by staff. This offers the possibility of immediate intervention to stop your customers walking away.

Real or perceived performance
The CDS Software customer service software makes possible the objective measuring of the staff’s work efficiency, the number of customers served daily, the time spent with service and administration and the duration of breaks. Rewarding, correcting and taking HR related decisions will not be just a matter of anticipation anymore.

Better executive decisions
Good decisions and efficient strategy requires accurate information. Using the CDS Software customer service software, the management of a local branch or a nationwide network can keep an eye on the current events. Using the statistics, the strategy will be more consistent, bringing better results and performance.

Centralized management and reports
The CDS Mainframe makes it possible to control an unlimited number of branches and ticket dispensers from a single location. Spread over a region, a country or internationally, you will never lose sight and control over your operation. Log in from anywhere, check the current status or look back to analyse historical data, compare, evaluate and improve.


CDS Desk

Clerks can handle and manage with this virtual terminal the customer flow at branches or customer service over own PC. In addition it allows to record the outcome of administration of each client and allows even more sophisticated measurement of customer service efficiency.

Features and benefits

Main characteristics
Software runs under Windows, Linux, Android, iOS Operating System
Space saving solution
Pop-up like functionality on the screen
Buttons named according to functions
Drop-down menus
Built-in help
Web-based application, no installation required

CDS Voice

The CDS VOICE is a complementary and optional module of the CDS software. The software application makes possible to use voice messages when a new ticket number has been called and displayed instead of the simple chime sound played in the standard version of the system. The voice calling module is already available in several languages, however customization is possible in each case apart.

Features and benefits

Main characteristics
Clear reinforcement for the clients about the called ticket number
Clear call even in areas from where the displays are not visible
Reduced number of mistakes
Faster service
Reduced queues
Less stress in finding the way to the right serving position
More comfortable waiting

CDS Feedback

The CDS FEEDBACK is a complementary and optional module of the CDS software. It is also the budget alternative of the 3-in-1 customer feedback terminal. The software module is installed on the ticket dispenser, being accessible from the main menu on the touch screen. Clients can leave feedbacks about their experience or can be surveyed on different topics. All answers and feedbacks become integral part of the overall statistics.

Features and benefits

Main characteristics
Better communication with the clients
Customer-friendly company image
Real service evaluation
Hidden problems revealed
Monitoring and comparison of feedback between branches and locations
More satisfied and loyal customers


Using the CDS SMS software, if there are many people waiting for the same service, the queuing system will offer the customer the option of entering his mobile number. During the waiting time the customer doesn’t need to stay in the customer waiting area. The system will send an automated SMS/Text message when the time is close enough for the client to be called, so he can return comfortably. The CDS SMS software can be customized. In one of the unique versions already working in practice, the customers after 8 minutes of waiting, as a reward for their patience will get an SMS/Text message with a unique code which entitles them for a free coffee.

Features and benefits

Main characteristics
Avoid congestion in the customer waiting area
Customer friendly image
Stress-free environment
Strengthen customer loyalty
More effective work

CDS Web Booking

The CDS BOOKING is a complementary module of the CDS software. With the software’s help the customers will be able to book appointments to a specific office, branch or shop. The CDS BOOKING ONLINE is a software module integrated into a company’s own website, offering its clients the possibility of booking appointments using their web services.

Features and benefits

Main characteristics
Booking on multiple channels
Projectable work volume
Projectable customer volume
Faster service
Reduced queues
Stress-free environment
Satisfied customers
Avoid conflicts and delays (code with expiry time)
Fully automated system


The CDS VIP is a complementary and optional module of the CDS software. It has two major purposes: helps identify customers and release the potential of serving the valued customers in a different way than the average. The software module requires a hardware installed in the ticket dispenser that helps identifying customers and release the potential of serving the valued customers in a different way than the average. This hardware can be a card reader, barcode scanner, ID card or passport scanner. The solution also requires the software to be linked to the existing system or database in order to associate the data read at the ticket dispenser terminal with the information stored about the customer.

Features and benefits

Main characteristics
Faster service
Custom welcome screen
Custom services
Special services only for a special group of customers
Client data or customer history displayed before the arrival of the client to the serving position
Forms pre-filled after identification to save time
Better cross sales options
Better statistics and strategy
More satisfied customers

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