Features and benefits

Back to the basics
NanoQ features pushbuttons instead of touchscreen to select a service. The service descriptions can be simply printed and displayed next to their pushbuttons. NanoQ is using a special mainboard instead of a PC making the operation and maintenance much easier. With its simple design and slim body it can be the ideal element of every interior design.

Reports to improve business
While the operation of NanoQ is based on a very simple principle, the system is able to provide a set of basic reports and statistics. The software is web based, accessible using a web browser from any device connected to the same network. The reports will allow managers and business owners to improve their service and operation efficiency, serving more clients, increasing sales and productivity.

One body – many faces
NanoQ can be adapted and customized to fit into any environment. Pharmacies, bakeries, café’s, restaurants, sport clubs, museums, post offices, mobile shops, city councils, clinics just to name a few, can all benefit from having a professional customer service solution at a budget cost.

Main characteristics
pushbuttons 8
3” thermal printer
metal case, white
special PC free hardware with custom developed integrated board LAN connection
optional RF (radio frequency) receiver Micro SD for storage Passive cooling


Features and benefits

Modular design
The iQ10 system follows the growth and changes in your organization. Extending the system with one or more desks, replacing the LED based central display with LCD screen or integrating a new software module among the others, is not a problem anymore. Replacing the service names on the ticket dispenser or changing the information on the tickets, can be a daily routine.

Easy to use
The simple design and the clear listing of services on the touchscreen makes the iQ10 an easy-to-use queuing system. In this way, even those who are unfamiliar with the usage of IT products, will use it confidently, without stress or embarassing feeling.

Low operation costs
The iQ10 ticket dispenser is using an economic paper roll, that allows the printing of 1300 to 2400 tickets/roll*. The software related to the queuing system, despite of the frequent practice of other companies, has a licence that allows unlimited number of users in a single location.

Main characteristics
10” portrait touchscreen with 1280x800 resolution
3” thermal printer
special, multi-layered, tough and glossy material (front) and metal back)
Built-in PC with Windows operating system


Features and benefits

Ticket dispenser as advertisement space
The menu that appears on the touchscreen of the EpiQ ticket dispenser, listing the services, can be fitted into the company image. Commercials, announcements, promotions can be also displayed. This can be done on a splitted screen or by a commercial covering the full screen, that disappears after a touch, leaving the space for the main menu.

Screen and ticket editor
In the EpiQ system a new campaign, a new promotion or a completely new image comes to life after a few clicks. The EpiQ system makes possible to amend the multimedia, graphics or text content on the screen of the ticket dispenser or on the ticket. The changes can be done and validated even from a central location, without any extra cost.

Full supervision and better planning
Would you like to know what is the average waiting time in your Customer Services? Would you like to know how many customers have you lost? Through the heart of the EpiQ system, the CDS application, you will have full supervision of the daily operation and using the provided statistics, you will build a better strategy.

Main characteristics
19” HD portrait touchscreen
LCD Unique screen background and menu design
optimal performance and high reliability PC
metal case, black or white


Features and benefits

Size does matter
Would you like to display more information on the ticket dispenser’s touchscreen, but there is not enough space? Your elder customers are complaining about too small text size? An impressive commercial would wake-up the interest of more customers? The Multi-Q ticket dispenser can be ordered even with 32” screen, to avoid these and other similar future difficulties.

The Multi-Q ticket dispenser can be equipped with card reader, biometric and barcode reader, proximity sensor, camera and speakers. The customers can be identified at the ticket dispenser terminal, so the waiting and the administration time can be decreased significantly.

Five star services
Would you like your Customer Service make feel your customers, like they have taken tickets for Business Class? The pre-registration, the VIP customer management or the text alert before calling, are all services, through which your customers service becomes more faster and comfortable.

Main characteristics
19”/23”/32”portrait touchscreen
LCD Unique screen background and menu design
3” thermal printer
Optimal performance and high reliability PC
Alloy/metal case, black or white

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